Monday, February 18, 2008

random thoughts

So, in weather lingo, what is it exactly that constitutes a 'wintery mix'

There are a few reasons I recently noticed that make me think that Kentucky is such a great state. Great in what, I'll not say here.

For example, the state has put up some signs along the interstate highways, I've only noticed a few around Lexington and Louisville, but they are there. They span highly across the lanes of traffic, and one would like to think that there is a reason for them--maybe to warn of traffic problems or road construction.

But what do they say, when not used for some useful purpose (and one hopes they were not made for this purpose, but fears they were)? Cheesy little seat belt warnings, such as--

"Have you let your seat belt hug you today"

"NASCAR requires seat belts, so does Kentucky"

--it's almost makes me want to move to New York. And that's saying something.

And then, there's Lexington latest project--replacing traffic signals with three lights with ones with four lights. No, that's right. They have two side-by-side red lights on them, the look being kind of like a mosquito's head.

One can just imagine, for example, a person driving 80+mph on the interstate highway, seeing one those seatbelt signs, and thinking "Oh, I forgot about that, let me get that done while I'm driving so much over the speed limit on a busy highway". And since it's Kentucky, I could imagine them doing it while also talking on a cell phone.

Not to mention all the drivers in Lexington who in court kept saying "I didn't stop, your honor, because the lights only have one red light, and I can't be expected to notice them without at least two red lights on them. In fact, I'm going to sue the city for being so backwards and unprogressive".

Yes, I'm so glad the leaders of the bluegrass state are so occupied with such important things.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, though. Heck, if they were national leaders, they'd be occupied with such major national issues like whether pro football teams are film opponent's practices, or whether baseball players were doing steroids way back when.

So, instead of occupying themselves with such trivial issues like national security and tax cuts and information gathering against terrorists, they are making sure our pro athletic teams are on the up-and-up and the athletes not getting any kind of artificial advantage.

Yep, our national leaders, looking out for what's really important. Yep, makes me feel right good and well. Yep, yep, yep.


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