Saturday, March 15, 2008

defending what shouldn't be defended

If you've been keeping up on news in the US (not an assumption I want to make, sense I know people form other countries, too, so I don't want to assume this is of much interest to them, which is fair) you've probably heard over the last few days of comments made by the former pastor of presidential candidate Obama.

They are sickening remarks, and to Obama's credit, he is speaking against them.

Some, however, as not.

This is shameful. If, for example, a white person (particular one of conservative leanings) were to be a member of a church where the preacher sounded like a Nazi or a KKK member, these people would not be on their trying to apply spin-control to it; rather, there would be condemnation and calls for that person to drop out (and those calls would be justified).

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