Monday, April 14, 2008

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I remember watching "Godzilla vs The Smog Monster" (also called "Godzilla vs Hedorah") when I was pretty young, and liking it pretty well. I'm watching it now again, and I'm wonder "What was I thinking?"

Granted, it's still Godzilla, so it's not all bad. But still...

For example, Godzilla's theme music in this movie is different. In fact, it's silly. Then, there're the people, like the psychic-kid who seems to be the only one who knows what's going on. Maybe.

Heck, I haven't even noticed Godzilla being attacked by tiny tanks meant to look full-sized. What kind of Godzilla movie can it be if that doesn't happen?

I know, this is one of those "Godzilla is a nice good guy" movies, thus the non-threatening music, and I'm fine with that, as far as it goes. After all, I did like the movie as a kid, and I probably wouldn't like some of the more modern anti-hero Godzilla ones back then, so it's ok.

Ah, never mind my complaining. Its fine. A bit silly, but ok enough.

And I wouldn't be surprised if it will be re-made sometime in the near future, as something like an anti-global-warming movie.

(Oh, but here at the end, it's just gotten ridiculous--Godzilla's actually using his fire breath to propel himself like a rocket. Come on, stop it, please, I want to like the movie, but that's too much)

There are times when I really wish I had cable tv at my place, and the coming NBA playoffs is one of them. Really, this could be wild, and great.

Of all of the chess defensive systems I could have wanted to study, why oh why did I choose the Sicilian Dragon?

Baseball has only just started, so it's too early to say how it's going to turn out, but I was finally able to listen to most of a Cincy game this afternoon, and it was not a good one.

But really, it was only one game, and sometimes in baseball you lose ugly. There're too many games if the season for that to not happen every so often. Just so long as it's not a regular habit.

Haven't watched any movies for the past several weeks, just hasn't been much out that interests me right now. Had hoped that, for example, 'The Forbidden Kingdom' would be out by now. Any movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li in it has be worth at least one viewing.

Sometimes revisiting the past is just...funny.

Listened to bit of DC Talk's "Free at Last" a couple of days ago. Wow, and to think we thought that was so cool at the time! Actually, it's ok, but it's so obvious now that those three were a bunch of twenty-something guys who were single and looking for girls. I think about half the songs on that album were about love and romance and such.

To be fair, at the least they treated the topic as it should be treated.

Still, they weren't completely without depth. For example, "Socially Acceptable" is probably as pertinent now as it was then. You can take a bit of lyric from that song like this one...

Times are changing with morals in decay
Human rights have made the wrongs ok

...and see ways in which that is still going on. For example, a book called "The New Christians" that I've been reading relates how a woman in a certain kind of church had the audacity to wear a shirt to that church with this message...

Straight Chrisitians for Gay Rights
(My Bible Teaches Social Justice)

...and we can put that front-and-center to show what kind of whacked-out thinking DCT was talking about. And I'd dare say it's only gotten worse since then.

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