Sunday, June 1, 2008

movie review--indiana jones

So far, May has been a good month for movies, at least up until this weekend, when the big release has been "Sex and the City", for which I have no intention of darkening the cinema doors.

Last weeks offering was "Indiana Jones...". Sorry, but I'm nor sure what the rest of the title is, expect that involves a crystal skull.

This movie was fun, I enjoyed it. It had it's share of action and thrills, as well as humorous remarks and situations.

The story was maybe a little convoluted at times. I'm not sure that the whole alien thing was out-of-place, although it did give the movie more of an "X-Files" feel then a "Raiders..." one.

The characters were certainly interesting, too. What do you call it when someone double-crosses a double-cross, and then double-crosses that double-cross? If I could remember the line from the old Disney "Babes in Toyland" movie about that, I'd give it here, but I can't remember it, sorry.

Reintroducing the love interest from "Raiders..." was an interesting twist.

The movie isn't perfect, and there are some things that could be questioned. There wasn't any sex that I remember, and little bad language. The issue of Indy backing out of the marriage several years before, especially with the lady pregnant with the son who shows up in this movie, is mostly glossed over. And the idea of trans-dimensional aliens as bringers of progress and enlightenment does raise the eyebrows.

Nevertheless, I can say that I enjoyed it, and I recommend it.

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