Friday, August 15, 2008

another example of cali fruit-and-nuttiness

L.A. adopts day laborer rules for home improvement stores

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Wednesday requiring certain home improvement stores to develop plans for dealing with day laborers who congregate nearby in search of jobs.

The ordinance mandates that proposed big-box stores obtain conditional-use permits, which could then require them to build day-labor centers with shelter, drinking water, bathrooms and trash cans.

The issue is also part of the wider debate over illegal immigration.

Marvin Stewart, president of the Minuteman Project, said the ordinance was another example of how the city condones illegal immigration. "All of this is flying in the face of what the city is supposed to be doing in terms of upholding the law," Stewart said.

For my part, my thought is that if (IF) these types of stores want to put us such shelters, that is their own business, though the issue of whether they are helping illegal immmigrants does come into play as well.

But for a city council to say that such businesses must build such shelters goes beyond what they should be allowed to mandate.

This is another example of government creep, another example of liberals taking away our rights.

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