Friday, October 17, 2008

disgusting compromising

I'm not going to link to this article, because it sickens me too much to want to give it any amount of bump. If you want to verify it, it's called "A New Conversation on Abortion" and it's found at Sojourners.

In last evening's presidential debate, the first steps were taken toward a new national conversation about abortion. For too many years, the old one hadn't changed very much. It came up every four years during elections and seldom in between. The Republicans repeated that they think abortion should just be completely illegal; and the Democrats repeated their only mantra of a "woman's right to choose." And the number of abortions remained mostly unchanged.

Oh, so we should stop, because we haven't made much progress? So you want sell out, Mr. Wallis? You want to put this issue behind you, I guess, so you can focus on more important things, like how to spin Obama's "spread the poverty" tax plan?

Abortion reduction is the clear common ground that could unite the pro-choice and pro-life polarities and bring us together to find some real solutions and finally see some results

I wish I has an angry red-faced smiley here, because if I did, I would put a whole line them right here, to express how I think and feel about this 'abortion reduction' crap.

Let me put it this way...

Let's say that all we asked from Nazi Germany was only a reduction in the number of Jewish people put into extermination camps and killed off and put into mass graves. How does that sound to you?

Let's say that all we adked from al Qaeda was a reduction in the number of planes they flew into buildings. How does that sound?

Let's say that all we asked from Arafat and the Palestinian terrorists is a reduction in the number of people killing themselves in suicide bombing attacks against Israel. How does that sound?

Let's say that all we asked from the KKK of years ago was a reduction in the number of racial attacks and killings on their part. How does that sound?

Let's say that all we asked of Stalin or Pol Pot or any other commie-dictator-mass murderer was a reduction in the number of people they put into gulags and mass murdered. How does that sound?

No, Mr. Wallis, this is not an area of compromise. Murder is murder, whether it's 10 or 5 or those numbers in millions. Murder is absolutely wrong, and we ask not for the reduction of it, but the absolute banning of legalized murder via the legalizing of abortion.

Your attempts at compromise are sickening and disgusting, Mr. Wallis. You do not speak for me and such as myself.

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