Saturday, January 5, 2008

movie review--national treasure: book of secrets--putting the fun in patriotism

This movie was pretty much what I expected--lite, fun, witty, a kind of Indiana Jones but not a deep or serious, certainly not as serious as "...Temple of Doom".

Among the fun-ness was: breaking into the offices of two heads of state; a chase scene in Britain involving a beer truck and the most satisfying squashing of a Euro-bug type of car; high-flying high-balancing high-jinx in a cave; escape from a library; and other things that I'll not mention lest I give away too much for those who haven't yet seen it and wish to.

The only really negative thing was probably the relationship thing. Apparently, Gates, the adventuring problem-solving treasure hunter, had been living with his girlfriend and been kicked out in the time between the first movie and the opening of this one. It does raise concerns about the whole 'living together instead of marrying' issue.

There were several good things in it, too. The basic story is that one of the Gates' ancestors, who lived during and a bit after the US Civil War (1860ish) was suppose to have been a quiet hero in keeping the South from finding a large source of funds to continue the war, but then is accused of actually having conspired to kill President Lincoln, and the Gates, father and son, set out with their friends to clear his name.

Along the way, both Gates, father and son, are reunited with their respective lady-loves--the father had not spoken to the mother for many years, and the son is of course reunited with the former girlfriend. There are adventures in Europe and back in the States, as clues are found and the puzzle pieces come together in, of course, the discovery of the treasure.

The movie has lots of banter in it, and humorous situations. There is some violence and shooting, like in the chase scene, but nothing comes of it. The only death is merely implied, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility to discover that that person actually lived rather then died.

Actually, there were two deaths, one at the first of the movie. That one was pretty much 'real', in the movie sense.

It wasn't a "bashing" movie in any way. The US president is depicted, and plays along on the search for the treasure, which is said to maybe be of national importance. It doesn't deal with what would be considered 'big issues', but it does portray the country positively.

In summary, I recommend it. It was fun, without much bad it in.

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