Sunday, January 20, 2008

random thoughts

Can we please quit having commercials for medicines, real or fake, on televions?

No, serioiusly, please, no more. I've had it, up to here (holds hand a bit above head). They have to be among the worst-qualit commericals ever made, and I've had enough of them.

Especially the Cialus ones (and I don't care if I misspelled cialus, that's how deep my contempt for their commercials goes). Really, I don't want to be subjected to their 'warning label' stuff again. Or their 'when the mood is right' crap. Or that music they use for it. And the "viva Viagra" ones? Please, civilization is in enough trouble without those commercials contributing to its demise!

It's not like the others are much better, either (except the 'warning label' bits). They're all hokey, stupid, with the almost endless repetitions to "ask your doctor about x".

Seriously, do we really need 'ED' commercials on during prime time tv? Do parents really want 5-year-olds asking "What's ED"?

Can this genre of tv commercial please just...fade away? Really, no one will miss it!

Had an interesting idea on how to describe the Super Bowl if the Patriots and the Packers are in it. If they both win today, I'll have to put that into words and post it. I think it'll be hilarious, not to mention true.

For those of you who think you're all so hip and postmodern, I recommend Chesterton. Doesn't really matter which work, I guess, just pick one. Funny how that guy, roughly 100 years ago, speaks so sharply to so much of the crap coming out today.

I've heard that Marvel is messing with the Spider-Man story, supposedly sending him back in time to his high-school days--before he and MJ marry. So, a lot of years of Spider-Man stories, down the drain. Sad. What a waste. What do we do with the years the editors have devoured?

Finally, this, from the book "The Parables of Peanuts".

Even the Church frequently attempts to flatter itself and to win friends and influence people by watering down Christ's bedrock teaching of man's basic and innate depravity. If Christ had wanted to be more popular, he should have done the same. Apparently, however, Christ was not interested in sacrificing truth to win popularity contests: "The world...hates me because I testify of it that its works are evil" (Jn 7:7). Therefore, any confrontation between the world and Church will inevitably look like this:

(four panel comic)

panel one: Lucy--"Charlie Brown, I want to ask you something"

panel two: Lucy--"Do you think I'm a crabby person?"

panel three: Charlie Brown--"Yes, I think you're a very crabby person"

panel four: Lucy--"WELL, WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK?!"

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