Monday, June 4, 2007

Places of importance forums

For what it's worth, I've actually been online for a few years. I think it was in 'o2 that I first joined an online bulletin board forum. I really can't remember what it was called at that time, but it's now the forum (and I think that it is also the forum, too--same content, different name and look).

I think that the contents go back to only about one year, so sadly lots of things are now lost. There was also the merging with another such forum (I think that was where Crosswalk comes in) about two years ago, and things from before then have been lost. Tragic, as there was the quite intense debate with the Christian Science follower from some time ago, not to mention other things.

I don't post there as much now as I did. Sometimes I'll put up several, but mostly nowadays it's links to news bits, or posting on topics of interest. It's a busy site, much more so then other forums I've visited, and there is much for all kinds of people.

Oneida Baptist Institute

My current place of employment. I've been working here since last December.

There is much surprising about this school. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is located in the middle of nowhere, yet the student body consists of kids from many different states other then Kentucky, and no small amount are from other countries.

I work in the print shop, where I do a bit of things that are common to print shops, I guess--copying, preparing mailings, labelling, etc. I also get to do some graphic design work at times, and I update the school's web site when it's required.

It's a good place, I like it.

Corinth Baptist Church

I feel like I should apologize for that site, as for me it was painful to view. It's a good church, and I think they may be working on improving their website, but for the moment it's kind of not good.

Anyway, I've been there only a couple of times, but I'm really liking them. They seem solid and biblically sound, which for me is important.

Youth With A Mission in Perm, Russia

Maybe this is more a 'blast from the past', and not really current. I was with them for roughly four years, and still have friends with them. I still think fondly of my time with them.

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