Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen--a small review

I don't often watch comedic movies. So many of them have no appeal to me. The humor seems to be too often based on stupidity and crassness.

It's not that stupidity isn't a worthy fodder for comedy (crassness is something else). I enjoy the "Jeeves and Wooster" TV comedy series, and one can't get much more vacant-headed then the characters of Bertram Wooster and his friends in the show. But it's stupidity done smartly (if that makes any sense), as opposed to stupidity done stupidly.

One of the last movies I had watched in a cinema which had me laughing for much of the viewing was "Ocean's Twelve". It was a smart comedy done smartly. The dialogue (banter) had a good mix of wit and randomness, the situation was of course impossible but still not insanely so, there were some interesting twists which added a lot of humor, and the little Chinese guy got lost in another group's luggage.

"...Thirteen" was maybe not a strong as "...Twelve", but still quite enjoyable. Adding Pacino to the cast, even as the main baddie, was good. It had much the same kind of dialogue as the previous, and some clever twists.

I don't think it was quite a funny as "..Twelve", but again it wasn't bad. Not near as much of a letdown as "Shrek 3" was.

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