Monday, December 15, 2008

business as usual...

Hamas Meets With Carter, Signals Ceasefire With Israel May End

Former President Jimmy Carter met with the leader of Hamas in Damascus on Sunday, the same day the Palestinian terrorist group marked its 21st anniversary and signaled its intention to end an erratically-upheld ceasefire.

Is there anyone...anyone!!!...out there who can please, please, please, make Jimmy Carter retire and shut up!! I mean, sure, let him built H4H houses to his heart's content, or raise bees, that's fine, but someone please get this man out of the national light! Carter was an abyssmal failure as a president, and why he should think he can do better now is anyone's guess.

And, oh, Hamas is going to break it's cease-fire with Israel. Show of hands, please, for anyone out there who is surprised by that???

After an Egyptian-mediated truce went into effect in last June, rocket attacks dropped off significantly (from a high of 257 in February to just one in July, eight in August, one in September and two in October.)

But since early November, Hamas and allied groups have fired well over 100 rockets and more than 100 mortar shells across the border, according to figures provided by the Israeli foreign ministry. The upsurge prompted an Israeli embargo that has drawn international condemnation.

Yeah, aren't double standards wonderful things??? Hamas starts attacking Israel again, Israel responds, and other nations act as if Israel is the bad guy.

I seriouisly think the world is essentially upside-down. Victims are treated as criminals, criminals are treated as victims, the bad guys are given whatever they demand, the good guys are shafted, absolutes are relativized and political expedients are made into absolutes.

So, how much longer can we go on in such a state of idiocy?

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Mike L. said...

President Carter had some of the best policies we've ever seen as a president in our life time. Unfortunately, he brought in too many outsiders who couldn't make them happen in a timely manner in Washington. Then, when he did implement some of them, Reagan simply threw them out. Live and learn. Luckily, Obama seems to have learned from that mistake. The jury is still out.

I wish we had kept Carter's CAFE standards in place for the last 30 years. If we had, we'd be COMPLETELY OFF OF FOREIGN OIL BY NOW! I wish we had Carter's foreign policy in the middle east for the last 30 years. Israel might not getting attacked by suicide bombers and we might have thousands of soldiers still alive. We might still have the twin towers also. Of course that is complete speculation. The Foreign oil issue is MORE than speculation. Doubling fuel efficiency would nearly get us off foreign oil.

Carter spent his life working to gain peace for Israel. Israel can have peace whenever they want now. All they need to do is stick to the treaty they signed and let Palestine's have the land they already gave them once. It is a "chicken and egg" problem now. Does Hamas attack because of Israel's encroachment and mistreatment or does Israel encroach and mistreat because of Humas' attacks?

You will be hard pressed to prove a case for the chicken or the egg. What we can know is that Israel clearly has the most power and wealth. When you have more power and wealth, you have more power to fix the solution. If Hamas stops attacking it is likely Israel will occupy more and more, but what if Israel stopped the growing occupation and withdrew? Again, speculation, but they DO have the power to do that.