Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Obama Could End Abstinence Education in Fight Against AIDS

Promoting abstinence played a significant role in President George W. Bush’s efforts to combat HIV/AIDS around the world, which could be a key part of his legacy. However, some conservatives think an incoming Barack Obama administration could scrap the abstinence portion of the AIDS fighting program.

“Around the world, we've also supported care for more than 10 million people affected by HIV, including more than 4 million orphans and vulnerable children,” Bush said in a speech Monday from the White House.

“More than 237,000 babies have been born HIV-free, thanks to the support of the American people for programs to prevent mothers from passing the virus on to their children,” he added.

The president of Uganda and other African leaders have been receptive to abstinence education, McClusky said.

Further, a decrease in sexual activity among unmarried young people in Kenya has helped reduce that country’s HIV infection rates by about two-thirds over the last decade, according to the White House.

That should be enough to refute critics of abstinence education, said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women of America.

But never let moral absolutes and proven success get in the way of your liberal and unbiblical agenda.

After Obama’s victory in the presidential race last month, one of his advisers on women’s health, Susan F. Wood, told Bloomberg News that an emphasis on abstinence and monogamy over condom use has not helped prevention efforts.

“We have been going in the wrong direction and we need to turn it around and be promoting prevention and family planning services and strengthening public health,” Woods said.

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