Thursday, December 11, 2008

more on "'social justice' wackiness'

More about this topic.

Chicago Schools Administrator: Homosexual High School Is 'Necessary'

A proposed homosexual-friendly Chicago public high school is “necessary” for the well-being of students, a Chicago Public Schools administrator told Wednesday.

Joyce Brown, who is in charge of the public school district’s high school counselors, said the “Social Justice High School – Pride Campus” is necessary because “the issue (of homosexuality) is out there.”

The proposed school would offer taxpayer-funded support for homosexual and lesbian students. The school proposal was to be voted on by the Chicago Board of Education on Nov. 19, but the plan was pulled at the last minute.

So much of what this lady Brown says is the usual sickly-saccharine-sweet stuff one expects of these feelings-oriented pc types.

It appears, though, that the school is only proposed, and not yet a reality.

One must wonder, how would such a school really work? Does a student have to be glbtwhatever before being allowed to attend? What would the classes teach? If a hetero student was allowed to attend, how much would he or she be allowed to voice opinions against the school's credo?

In other words, is this not just another attempt to raise up immorality and silence those who want to speak out against it, and all in the name of that modern virtue "social justice"?

Were I a betting man, I would put my money on it being another waying of putting down and quieting those who believe in biblical morality.

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